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How To Protect Your Android Phone From Steal

Discover top 10 best android anti theft apps to protect your phone from steal. Download any of these android anti theft protection apps to maximize the security of your android phone from steal.
Android anti theft app is one of the essential apps that all users should download for their own need. We may call it as a crying need for android phone.
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These are the news of SwiftKey after its last update

SwiftKey predictive android keyboard android app latest update.
Many of you already know this popular application for Android and iOS devices. SwiftKey is undoubtedly one of the best keyboards for Android devices . And now, after its last update, SwiftKey is full of interesting news, as well as having a completely renewed appearance that gives this app a more attractive and close design.

And is that the team of developers of this well-known predictive keyboard for Android and iOS phones and tablets counts after its last update with three new predetermined themes : light, dark and high contrast. With this new update, SwiftKey renews its design offering different keyboards that we can choose quickly and easily.

The new update of SwiftKey arrives loaded with interesting news But the guys at SwiftKey have not only added three new songs. In addition we will have possibility of using new emojis , including some as curious as a zebra, a vampire or a dinosaur among the new variety of availab…

The Nokia 8 will upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo in October

It had already been confirmed that all Nokia smartphones that had been introduced in 2017 would have update to Android 8.0 Oreo. It was even said that Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 would upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo before the end of the year. However, it has now been confirmed that the Nokia 8 will upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo in October.

Update to Android 8.0 Oreo for Nokia 8 in October It had already been confirmed that the Nokia 8 would receive update to Android 8.0 Oreo. A logical update considering that it is a high-end smartphone and that the basic and mid-range Nokia mobiles had already been confirmed as mobile that would have update to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Find which mobile phone will be upgraded to Android Oreo 8.0. 
However, the truth is that it had not been confirmed when the Nokia 8 could be upgraded. It had even been confirmed that Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 would be upgraded before the end of the year, but there was no confirmation of the date for the Nokia 8, which should …

Android app that can solve any math problem by taking a picture of homework

Are you searching for math apps that give you the answer to homework? Find an app that solves any math problem and give you answers to your homework.
Raise your hand who enjoys doing the duties of the school or institute. No, no one? Well, now an application has come to lend a hand. A math app that gives you the answer to homework named Socratic arrive. An app that promises to do your homework or at least help you to do it yourself.

On the Internet, there is an abundance of resources to help you in your studies, and that is precisely the problem. With so much information saturation sometimes confusion arises. You do not know where to look or what you can trust. You can get rid of this confusion regarding math studies easily with the Android app, apps that give you answers to homework. 
The Socratic free android app tries to help you without many stories: you take a picture of your homework and solve any math problem instantly.
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Seven tips to protect your Android Phone on the beach

Ultimate guide to protect your Android phone on the beach. 
Bringing the mobile to the beach is for many as important as the towel itself. However, so many hours in direct sunlight, sand or moisture, could seriously damage our phone and its operation, causing irreversible damage to your screen or electronic systems.
It must be taken into account that, except for those users who have an additional insurance contracted, any such mishap will not be covered by the guarantee, however, new the phone may be. To minimize all these risks we will review seven tips that will be very useful to protect your mobile on the beach, a place that many droids have become totally useless.

1. The Sun and the Sand
Precisely they are two of the elements that more abound in a beach and that unfortunately, more will be able to damage the good operation of our Android. Assuming that we can not put sun protection on our mobile phone, it should be kept away from the direct rays of the sun. Otherwise, it will sta…

Is it really necessary to install an antivirus on Android?

Using antivirus on Android phone really helps or not.
A couple of weeks ago I explained why you should not install RAM and battery optimizer on an Android smartphone. In some of the comments you posted also mentioned antivirus as a problem for the performance of the device, but is it really necessary to install an antivirus on Android?
In this article, I am going to explain the reasons why it is not advisable to do it, although the companies behind these products do not stop to perjurers that are something obligatory (logical if you commercialize it). And is that, despite the bad reputation that was created in its beginnings, Android is one of the safest operating systems today.
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Statistics say Android is secure
But does malware or phishing affect you equally? Yes, Android is no exception and is at risk of being infected, but the probability is really low. And the more up-to-date the mobile phone or tablet is.

11 antivirus to protect your Android smartphone

Discover top 11 antivirus apps to protect your Android Smartphones.
Android OS is struggling, version after version, to be an secure operating system, with the aim of avoiding annoying its users and protect their personal data from malicious attacks. Only one type of application that can help to protect us is antivirus app, of which there is a large amount on Google Play.

Obviously, there is no better anti-virus in common sense. Sometimes you want to have these types of apps not only for their ability to protect against malware but also it has some extra function that helps to make your device more secure. Here is a list of 11 of the best Android antivirus that will keep your mobile phone a bit more protected.

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Top 11 antivirus to protect android phones
Here i listed top 11 antivirus application for your beloved android phones in details. Select suitable application for you from t…

How to choose the best microSD card for your Android Phone

Want to buy MicroSD card? Read detail review to buy best microSD card suits your Android Phone.
With the passage of time Android device users (regardless of whether we talk about mobile or tablets) we become more demanding with both specifications and storage. A fairly common and well-seen solution is the inclusion of a microSD card slot that, by the way, makes life easier for many people.

Now, some people have doubts about which microSD cards to buy, as there are usually several features that the user can not differentiate and which one is the most suitable for the use he wants to give. With this in mind, for those who are confused and undecided, we will explain how you can choose the microSD card that best suits your use.

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A review of the different types of microSD cards

First of all, it is best to start by knowing the different types of microSD cards and their writing sp…

Google 7.3 Calculator: now with text cursor to edit, new icon and more

Discover updated features of Google 7.3 Calculator to ease your calculation.
If you make a mistake in doing basic or scientific operations with the Google Calculator is no longer a big problem, with your new update you will not have to delete all or a large part of the operation to do it again.

The Google Calculator gets an important new feature that we've been waiting for years. In the new version 7.3 we can finally edit any part of the mathematical operation.

Introduction of Google 7.3 Calculator Android AppAndroid version: from 6.0
Download it on:Google Play
Price: Free
Category: Tools
Text Cursor

Now we can click on either side of the operation or number to activate the text cursor and thus edit the operation. We can delete and add numbers and operations in specific parts without having to start the operation again.
Text selector

It also allows us to select all the text to access the functions of memory or to select a specific part of the text to copy it.

How to hide root on your Android mobile to pass Google Play security controls

Is rooting android phone causing problem to pass Google Play security control. Here how to overcome it!
The root takes almost all the life of Android with us, opening doors and windows to us to a greater control of our smartphones thanks to different applications and ROMs. However, for some time, each version of the operating system makes it more difficult to robotic devices and allow access to certain applications if you have carried out the process.

One of the ways in which the user can benefit from the root and at the same time, to install applications that do not allow it is to hide it, something that Google has tried to avoid lately with the continuous updates of SafetyNet, the main responsible for not being You can download the Netflix app if you are root. Even then, we'll explain how you can hide the root and skip the Google Play security controls.
Hide root using applications
There are users who do not want to give up being root for using some apps, which, however, need or…

Hide Android Gallery Pictures and Videos Without installing Apps

Hide any files, pictures, videos and folders to appear on Gallery or MX Video Player or Photo Viewer on Android without installing any apps. Learn to create a hidden folder or private folder on android to prevent your private files from appearing in the gallery or any media player (MX Player).
Everyone wants their privacy secure and its comes from human nature. Today's android phone contains too many privacy files like personal photos, videos, tentative information and many other things which need to be secure. Nowadays it has become a severe problem for many of us that our files on the phone get leaked on the internet. In most cases, the victims are celebrities who the most interested person to us. Though they used various antivirus application on their phone to protect their privacy, but in most time the application does the thing which they didn’t mean to.

Hide Gallery Pictures and Videos on Android
There are two ways to protect your privacy by hiding personal photos, videos,…