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Best Free Volume Control Apps for Android-Volume apps

Are you facing a serious problem with android phone hardware volume buttons? Android phone volume buttons work only with the high press? Are you in tension that volume button of the android phone may damage due to excessive use?
If you are using an android phone for a period of time, you must face a problem with various hardware buttons such volume up-down button and power buttons. Volume buttons and power buttons don’t work well and most probably get damaged after a certain period of time.

If you are a victim of this kind of hardware button problem, you’re exactly the right place to control your android phone without hardware button, just using useful android volume control apps.
I will guide you through the whole setup process including finding, installing and configuring the best android volume control app called “Android Volume in notification”.

Volume in Notification android volume app will help you to turn the volume up and down just by sliding-down the notification bar from th…