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How to hide root on your Android mobile to pass Google Play security controls

Is rooting android phone causing problem to pass Google Play security control. Here how to overcome it!

The root takes almost all the life of Android with us, opening doors and windows to us to a greater control of our smartphones thanks to different applications and ROMs. However, for some time, each version of the operating system makes it more difficult to robotic devices and allow access to certain applications if you have carried out the process.

Hide root on your android mobile to pass google play

One of the ways in which the user can benefit from the root and at the same time, to install applications that do not allow it is to hide it, something that Google has tried to avoid lately with the continuous updates of SafetyNet, the main responsible for not being You can download the Netflix app if you are root. Even then, we'll explain how you can hide the root and skip the Google Play security controls.

Hide root using applications

Hide android phone root status using apps

There are users who do not want to give up being root for using some apps, which, however, need or like, such as Pokemon GO, Fire Emblem: Heroes or Android Pay. The simplest way to hide the root is through applications, some of which we show below.


This is one of Xposed's dedicated modules to hide the most famous root, although it only supports up to Android Marshmallow. Activating it is very easy, just like any module, you just have to download it, install it, activate it on Xposed and reboot your device. The developer himself advises in the repository that he does not allow to use Android Pay.

Hide my Root

Another application that serves to hide the root, although this time it is not necessary to make use of Xposed, it can be installed from Google Play (link in below). Hide my Root works by hiding the SU binary, but you can also uninstall, reinstall or uninstall the SuperSU application. Obviously, if you do not have SuperSU, Hide my Root will not work.


Another of the most famous applications that can be used to hide the root, although in this case it is not exclusively for this, its main use is to rooter a device. In order to use Magisk it is necessary to have a customized recovery to flash it, and it is also recommended to have the uninstaller on the device in case something goes wrong.

If you just want to make use of the stable version, you can download it from this XDA thread, but the developer, 'Topjohnwu', has released the beta with several updates (and obviously will continue to allow hiding the root) that you can download from this other link. We recommend, however, that you make a backup and follow the instructions to the letter to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Instead of hiding the root, you can delete it temporarily

For some reason, the apps may not work or you do not want to get too complicated when you have options at your disposal simpler. In this case, the best way to hide root is to remove it temporarily, a process that can be done with tremendous ease and that allows you to recover it very quickly.

The best solution for this is pre-rooted ROMs, such as CyanogenMod, LineageOS or those based on MIUI. This kind of ROMs allows you to rotate and de-rotate your device very simply, without installing or flashing applications, simply from the settings.

In the case of ROMs based on CyanogenMod (LineageOS included), we simply have to go to the device settings and enter into 'Development Options'. If you do not have this part active, go to 'Phone information' and tap 'Build number' several times until you are told that the development options are already active.

The pre-rooted ROMs have as one of its advantages that you can activate and deactivate the root from the options of development to convenience.

Once inside, you only have to go down slightly until you find the option 'Administrative Access' that, when pressed, offers you four options. Choose the one that suits you at the moment (Disable so root does not work) and make sure that the root status is the one you want using a RootChecker app.

The process should not be very different in other types of pre-rooted ROMs since this option is usually found in the settings section. This method is also quite effective because, in fact, does not hide the root, but disable it until you re-enable it, but if you do not have a pre-rooted ROM, it is best to go to applications such as those above Similar. Do you often hide the root to somehow skip Google Play security controls?

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